There are many things on the internet that mislead people into thinking that tests can be beaten, but in reality, if the device is to Australian Standards then fooling the device is almost impossible.

The ProScreen Urine Testing Cup comes with built-in validity features to ensure that the specimen provided is, in fact, a valid specimen. One of these features includes temperature. When urine is eliminated from the body it is usually at the same temperature as the body. The average adult body temperature is between 36.1°C to 37.2°C. There is a temperature strip bar on the device to measure the specimen sample. If the specimen is not within this range (or in close proximity) then the specimen is fake.

Likewise, the other built-in specimen-validity tests to defeat specimen adulteration include pH, creatinine, Nitrite, bleach, and specific gravity test. These elements, if are incorrect, will also indicate if the sample provided is a valid specimen. If the sample provided passes these tests then you can be confident that you have a valid specimen.

The First Sign Saliva Test would be quite difficult to supply a fake specimen as they perform the test in front of a Nationally Accredited collector.